KIM OPPA’s second PB + DVD ‘PERSONA’ will be produced.
This project, ‘PERSONA’ is all about Chen who is growing from boy to man.
Please check the notice below if you want to purchase our sets.

※ Schedule
Deposit period : 2017.02.06 ~ 2017.05.07
Shipping : 2017.05

※ Spec
- PB : ±200P / A4 SIZE  / All color / 2015.5~ / Released&unreleased photo
- DVD : 2CD(PC Play only) / DIGI PACK / Running time (Not decided yet)

※ Special Gift
Photocard set / Polaroid set / A2 Size poster / Thunder Bottle

※ Price
1set 45USD+ EMS
2set 90USD + EMS
3set 135USD + EMS
4set 180USD + EMS

- In case of EMS fee, Please contact on the Q&A board.
- Cost of EMS commission is chargeable to buyer.

※ Account
Industrial Bank of Korea 1992-0021-921 (모임명:김오빠)
paypal :

- Non-member can buy PB+DVD.
- Goods cannot be exchanged or refunded.
- After deposit, please fill out the order form.
- If you ask for overseas group order, please send me an e-mail ''
- Special gift & schedule would be changed. If It is changed, I will notify on twitter.
- If you have any questions, please write on QNA board.


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